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Pronunciation 1

  • , /ˈsʌb.dʒɛkts/, /"sVbdZEkts/


  1. Plural of subject

Pronunciation 2

  • , /səbˈdʒɛkt/|/sʌbˈdʒɛkts/, /s@b"dZEkts/


  1. third-person singular of subject

Extensive Definition

Subject may refer to:
  • A person or entity ruled over by another, especially a monarch or state authority:
Subject may also be:
  • An element in the method of modeling information called Resource Description Framework
  • subjects (programming), core elements in the subject-oriented programming paradigm
  • subject term, essence of the topic of a document (also index term or descriptor) in Information Retrieval
  • subject of labor, concept in Marxist political economy that refers to "everything to which man's labor is directed."
  • Subject heading, standardized set of subject headings for use in bibliographic records
  • In music, the first melodic fragment of a fugue
in culture:
Each an every topic you may talk about is taken as the subject .

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